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California Community Colleges Guided Pathways is a multi-year process that helps colleges integrate multiple initiatives and scale up effective practices to improve student success. The California Community Colleges Guided Pathways model creates a highly structured approach to student success that: provides all students with a set of clear course-taking patterns that promotes better enrollment decisions and prepares students for future success and integrates support services in ways that make it easier for students to get the help they need during every step of their community college experience. Porterville College submitted their Guided Pathways Plan in Fall 2017.

The Pathways to Student Success and Equity Committee will be asking faculty and staff to participate in a variety of activities to facilitate the Guided Pathways work. For more information about Guided Pathways, please review the resources files on this page.

Implementation of the Guided Pathways at Porterville College takes the involvement of everyone on campus. Find documents and information about the Implementation Team on the Pathways to Success and Equity Committee on campus.


PC Case Statement for Guided Pathways


4 Pillar of Guided Pathways



  • Fall 2017: Guided Pathways Plan for Porterville College submitted
  • Summer 2017: Guided Pathways Workshop for LFM Team and faculty
  • Fall 2018: Guided Pathways Teams identified, Guided Pathways Team Members sent to various planning workshops in Central Valley, and Guided Pathways Team Members meet with ATD for iCAT Survey Discussion in preparation for Guided Pathways work, and Guided Pathways website developed
  • Spring 2019: Guided Pathways Team presented next phase of Guided Pathways work on Spring Flex about major clusters, Staff, faculty, and administration vote on Guided Pathways being called PC Pirate Maps, Guided Pathways Major Cluster Team completes major cluster meetings with all divisions, Guided Pathways Major Cluster Team creates two options for major clusters, Guided Pathways Entry Team drafts list of steps that a student needs to complete each semester to graduate, and Guided Pathways LFM Team develops and presents Seven Seas course pathway for undecided students
  • Fall 2019: PC votes on Guided Pathways major clusters during Fall Flex



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