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Academic & Career Pathways

What is an Academic and Career Pathway?

Porterville College groups its majors into four pathways. Each pathway consists of a group of related programs of study based on similar core classes and career paths. Choose one of the pathways below to learn more.



Why should you choose a pathway?

Pathways allow you to explore an area of interest, and then as you learn more, to focus on a program or major that will lead to a certificate or associate degree, and/or prepare for a career or to transfer to a university.



Academic & Career Pathways



For students wanting to serve their community and help ensure people’s safety and security in the face of crises or natural disasters.


For students interested in studying the natural world and applying that knowledge to solve problems or improve human life and health.


For students interested in starting or managing a business or company, computing, building, and maintenance, or agriculture.


For students who enjoy creative expression and communication, learning about other people and cultures, and sharing a love of learning with others.

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