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Transfer Students

Articulation is the planned process linking together two educational institutions to help students make a smooth transition—without experiencing a delay or duplication of coursework—from the community college to the four-year College or university. Porterville College has articulation agreements with a variety of institutions of higher education. Students planning to transfer from Porterville College to a UC or CSU campus can find articulation information online (go to www.assist.org ) or in person at the Counseling Center (AC 126). ASSIST (www.assist.org) is a database that contains information on lower-division major requirements and general education requirements and their equivalent at the Community College.

Current Porterville College students wishing to find out more about articulated courses or transfer information contact the Counseling Center at 559.791.2329.

2+2 Articulation Credit By Exam – (High School / Porterville College)

Porterville College has a process of evaluating course to determine whether coursework completed at a high school/ROCP/Adult School will meet the requirements at a community college for the purposes of awarding college credit. It is a planned process linking educational institutions and experience to assist students in making a smooth transition from one level of education to another without experiencing delays or duplication in learning.

Articulation/Credit By Exam Agreement

An articulation agreement is a formal, written and published document that describes which coursework from the “sending” institution (e.g. college, high school/ROCP/Adult School is accepted as a comparable to or in lieu of coursework at the “receiving” institution (e.g. community college, University.)

For a current list of PC courses articulated with local high schools check the college website or contact the Career and Technical Education Program Manager at 559.791.2282 Faculty Pathway Coordinator at 559.791.2294 or kknutson@portervillecollege.edu.

For a current list of PC courses articulated with colleges and universities check ASSIST (www.assist.org) or contact Elmer Aguilar at 559.791.2273

January 28, 2016
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