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EMT Course

P050 – Emergency Medical Technician - Basic....... 8.5 units

Prerequisite: California Code of Regulations Title 22 requires that students be 18 years of age before they can be certified. Current American Heart Association BLS Health Care Provider (CPR & AED).

Total lecture 144, total laboratory 27 hours. This course provides instruction in pre-hospital techniques in the evaluation and emergency medical care through the recognition of signs and symptoms of illnesses and injuries. The course also includes instruction in the care rendered on scene and during transportation by EMT personnel. A requirement for ambulance personnel and appropriate for many first responders such as law enforcement and fire personnel. The content of the course meets the objectives contained in the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) National EMS Education Standards. The student must meet Health Careers Division health requirements and criminal history background clearance to participate in the laboratory section of the course. Any expenses involved in meeting the health requirements and background clearance are the student’s expense. To be eligible for State of CA certification, an individual shall have a valid EMT course completion record, be 18 years of age, complete the criminal history background check requirement, and pass the National Registry EMT certification examination. (A)

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February 11, 2016