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Ethnic Studies Course

P120 –African American Experience.......3 units

Prerequisite: Eligible for English level 1.

Total lecture 54 hours. This course is an interdisciplinary analysis of the African American human experience. Sociological and interdisciplinary approaches, theories, and research will be employed to explore and evaluate the history, culture, and condition of the African American community within the context of U.S. society and the global community. Topics addressed include the cultural and geographical diversity of the African Diaspora, historical background, socioeconomic status, health status, and the social psychological impact of social inequality. Equivalent to SOCI P120 (A/CSU/UC) PC-Area J; CSU-D7; CSU-D0; IGETC-4C; IGETC-4G; IGETC-4J

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July 29, 2015