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Geology Course

P110 – Introduction to Geology .......... 4 units

Prerequisite: Eligible for English level 2.

Total lecture 54 hours, total laboratory 54 hours. An introduction to the processes and materials which together produce the different topographic and geological features on earth. An emphasis will be placed on the theory of Plate Tectonics as the unifying model to explain geological phenomena. Laboratory work will include a systematic study of minerals and rocks, as well as the methods of geology. Emphasis will be on field study, with at least one field trip required. The course is designed as an introductory survey and designed for those students not necessarily majoring in physical sciences and engineering. Course is approved for pass/no pass grading option. C-ID GEOL 101 (A/CSU/UC) PC-Area F; CSU-B1; CSU-B3; IGETC-5A; IGETC-5C

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February 17, 2016