Porterville College

A winter's day on campus.

Alternate Learning Options

Learning Communities

Porterville College offers an interdisciplinary learning community program which gives students the opportunity to develop necessary college skills while gaining individual support within an organized group of learners. In each community students are enrolled in several common classes. Faculty work together with each other and with these students to enhance the students’ retention and success potential. There are several learning communities that combine a variety of classes, most typically reading, writing, and study skills within the cohort. At least one option is offered each semester. Check the schedule of classes for the most current learning community courses being offered.

Evening and Weekend Program

Credit classes are also offered by Porterville College at convenient times during the day and evening, both on and off campus. These are regular college courses, which carry the same requirements and credits as other courses. Many evening classes are offered one night per week for two or three hours, Monday through Thursday. Weekend classes are also scheduled during the fall and spring semesters.

July 30, 2015
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