VACCINATION REQUIREMENT: ANY student who has not submitted their proof of vaccination or applied for an exemption before November 1, 2021 will no longer be allowed to attend on-campus classes or visit the campus for any reason starting Monday, November 1st (you will be given a red pass in the KCCD Campus Pass App). Your ability to register for in-person classes may also be affected. Read more »

Porterville College

Waitlist - Withdrawal - Drop

Waitlisting a Course

Automated Waitlist

During the weeks prior to the start of classes, when vacancies occur in classes, the first student(s) on the waitlist will be moved into the class. Students who are on a waitlist should check their registration regularly. Students may drop themselves from a waitlist at any time.

  • Students should note that it is IMPORTANT when accepting a waitlist course to: Click on the down arrow "select W/L" then submit. If there are any other errors they will display at this time. Then return to the top of the page to click on "complete registration".
  • Students will not be charged the enrollment fees for waitlist classes until they are actually enrolled (moved) into the class.
  • Fees must be paid within ten days from the date they are moved into course.
  • Students must attend the first meeting of class or they will be dropped from the waitlist.
  • The prerequisite, basic skills, time conflict, repeat, and holds will prevent students from getting automatically enrolled into a class from the waitlist.
  • Contact Admissions office if you are a recent high school graduate or "Dual Enrolled".
  • Students are responsible for officially withdrawing from classes. Non-payment or non-attendance does not release the student from this responsibility and may result in failing grade being recorded. 
  • The last day to drop a class with a "W" grade is the 60% date. Check the academic calendar for that specific date.
  • The last day to drop a class and still be able to receive a refund is the 10% date. 
  • "W" grades are not factored into your grade point average.  Excessive “W’s” shall be used as factors in probation and dismissal procedures. 
  • A student may contact the Office of Admissions and Records regarding the procedure to drop or withdraw after the final withdrawal date deadline if there are verifiable extenuating circumstances 
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Student ID and password (Find out your ID here, by clicking forgot User ID or Email Address)
  3. Select the Student tab
  4. Select "Add or Drop Classes" from Registration Tools
    • Registration Tools screenshot
Find our Refund information on our Tuition & Fees page. Refund information can also be found in our Catalog