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It is important that you see a counselor at least once per term to evaluate your academic progress. To make an appointment, stop by or call the counseling center.

Your counselor will be able to answer any questions you have about course requirements, degree requirements or schedules.
The services of counselors are available to all students at Porterville College.
A counselor will help you to reach your educational goal—whether it be graduating from Porterville College with an associate degree, transferring to a four-year college, obtaining a certificate, improving your vocational skills, learning English as a Foreign Language. or taking courses for personal and professional growth.

Contact Advising

Location: Appointments are now being held Virtually

Ph: 559.791.2329 or 559-791-3663

email: pccounselingcenter@portervillecollege.edu 

The mission of the Advising and Counseling Department is to foster and promote the academic, personal, and social development of our students by providing a wide range of services to help them resolve personal difficulties and acquire the skills, attitudes, and knowledge that will enable them to be successful.

Student Educational Plan

An SEP is a term-by-term plan that you work out with your counselor. It will list the courses you need to complete your degree or certificate in a recommended sequence. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to complete an SEP!

More about SEP

Graduation Checklists

20-21 Grad Checklist
19-20 Grad Checklist
18-19 Grad Checklist
17-18 Grad Checklist
16-17 Grad Checklist
15-16 Grad Checklist


Do you want support for your math or English course?  Watch the video below to learn about corequisites.


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