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Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

Porterville College is proud to celebrate Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month in the month of May. In honor of this month, we have curated a list of informative links.

The first stop?

Check out the Library of Congress's site dedicated to the month. It's a great home base for exploring a wide variety of topics and interesting events.

Click the image to access the site:

Stories of Asian/Pacific Americans: Their Many Contributions and Struggles in America

Click an image, then scroll down PBS's page to view episodes of its landmark series documenting the contributions of Asian/Pacific Americans to our country and the struggles they've overcome.

Virtual Galleries

Click the Spark presentations below to view the gallery presentations.

A Gingko Walk

Sneha Sundaram balances nature photography with the Japanese poetry form of haiku to create visual and literary sensations.

#A Gingko Walk

Mindset by Nutthawut Siridejchai & Kamonchanok Phon-ngam

Everyone has a mindset. It can be influenced by where an individual was raised, the community values taught, and can influence the decisions individuals make about their future. In this exhibit, two New York based Thai artists explore their own mindsets’ fluidity and malleability through innovations in media, composition, and craft.



Based on both personal memory and everyday human behavior, Loc Huynh’s pieces explore themes ranging from vapid consumption to first generation Vietnamese American childhood experiences. Huynh employs an exaggerated pop cultural aesthetic to convey situations that feel simultaneously familiar and alien.


Kingdom Arts

Experience the fantasy worlds of anime, manga, and video games with a new exhibit featuring work from teen artists that celebrates Asian pop culture genres.



Enter the diverse world of architectural thresholds through the lens of photographer Peter Shen. His collection of doorways encompasses a variety of designs from all around the world.


Visions of Asia

Depart on a visual journey to three distinct locations in Asia.


Kindness Heals: Resources for Kids & Educators

About Kindness Heals:

From the xenophobia towards Asians and Asian Americans caused by COVID-19, the disproportionate number of COVID-19 cases affecting Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, and to the national uprisings surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, the times we are living in have brought attention to longstanding injustices and how we can hope to change for the better. We can become stronger together as we embrace the lesson that #KindnessHeals.