Accounting: Certificate of Achievement


The Accounting Certificate Program is a competitive and rigorous course of study that develops skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, written and oral communication, and decision making, in addition to developing the necessary tools to engage in lifelong learning after completion. The program also develops an understanding of accounting theory, technical procedures, and the professional standards and ethics essential to becoming a successful professional in public, industry, government and not-for-profit accounting.


The certificate program requires 17 units.

BSAD P150 Quantitative Methods in Business Decision Making 3 units
BSAD P155 Business Statistics 3 units
ACCT P110 Financial Accounting 3 units
ACCT P120 Managerial Accounting 3 units
BSAD P165 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 units
BSAD P162 Entrepreneur Mentor/Internship 2 units

Pending approval for Title IV aid.  Effective Fall 2016

Program Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate knowledge in accounting for external financial reporting and managerial applications; research accounting literature for both structured and unstructured problems in external financial reporting, tax and auditing; recognize and analyze ethical problems in practical accounting situations, select and defend a course of action; effectively communicate complex accounting concepts both orally and in writing.

Career Opportunities

Gainful Employment

Additional Resources

January 11, 2018

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