Power Technician/Utility Worker

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Power Technician Utility Worker

The Power Technician Utility Worker Certificate program is intended to provide students with the skills, understanding and hands-on training needed for public utility service employment opportunities. The power Technician Utility Worker Certificate program focuses on OSHA, basic electricity, basic climbing, standards interpretation, excavation, reading technical drawings, heights safety, tools, ropes and knots, pole testing, technical math, physical training, physical test battery, and environmental awareness. This program will give the students a strong foundation and preparation for enter level work in the utilities field.

Program Learning Outcomes: Interpret math for trades theories, applied formulas; visualization and tests; read and interpret technical drawings; apply compliance and ethics practices to utility worker and utility pole worker occupations; identify teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution skills; apply physical conditioning and injury prevention to utility worker and utility pole worker occupations; demonstrate knowledge in basic electricity; identify tools, materials and standards interpretation for the industry; demonstrate knowledge in environmental awareness; demonstrate proficiency in utility pole climbing; demonstrate knowledge in OSHA 10, i.e. work site, height, railroad, flagging, confined space, excavation, industrial ergonomics, hearing protection, fire extinguisher, evacuation, and first aid.

The certificate program requires 15 units for completion; all are required units.

INDT P060 - Power Technician Pre Apprentice 4.5 units
INDT P061 - Power Technician I 5 units
INDT P062 - Power Technician II 5.5 units

Pending approval for Title IV aid.

June 10, 2015
Kern Community College District