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Solar Sales

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Solar Sales

The Solar and Alternative Energy Sales program provides 108 hours of training. This training will prepare participants to effectively discuss the benefits of solar and alternative energy with customers. Topics covered include solar system estimation, cost justification, rebates and incentives, customized solar presentation, effectively closing a solar sale, understanding your buyer, performing site visits, how to sell solar as an investment, common questions, kit-based quoting, system up-selling and closing and custom sales presentations.

Program Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate competence in the basic fundamentals of electricity and electrical drawings; identify the various photovoltaic modules; respond to and translate necessary knowledge in NEC,AHJ, while qualifying energy efficiency with PV forecasting; demonstrate a PV solar electrical system installation layout; develop a customer proposal for the correct size residential or commercial PV system; identify soft skills that address PV methodologies and considerations; demonstrate project costs and the ability to present a PV system solution; demonstrate a properly designed solar electric system and cost estimation: including a performance analysis, saving, incentives and financial benefit analysis to a potential customer.

Required Course:

INDT P063 - Solar Sales 6 units



June 10, 2015
Kern Community College District