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Porterville College Administration
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Diane Thompson Student Services
Director, Student Services dithomps@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2278
Alex Schultz President's Office
Communications & Marketing Manager alex.schultz@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2209
Jay Navarrette Information Technology
Director, IT jay.navarrette@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2365
Kailani Knutson Office of Instruction
Dean of Instruction kknutson@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2294
LRC 509A
James Thompson Office of Instruction
Dean of Instruction jathomps@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2238
Anne VanDerHorst Human Resources
College HR Manager - PC avanderh@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2457
John Word Maintenance & Operations
Director, Maintenance & Operations jword@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2254
Arlitha Williams-Harmon Business Office
Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services arlitha.williams@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2374
Kimanthi Warren Student Services
Director of Equity and Education Services kimanthi.warren@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2323
Sonia Huckabay Business Office
Accounting Manager shuckaba@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2403
William Henry President's Office
President, Interim bhenry@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2316
Michael Carley Institutional Research
Director of Institutional Research mcarley@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2275
Kim Behrens Health Careers
Associate Dean, Health Careers kbehrens@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2322
Karen Ball Child Development and Child Care
Program Manager, CDC kball@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2420
Sam Aunai Office of Instruction
Vice President, Instruction sam.aunai@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2307
Joe Cascio Athletics Department
Director, Student Programs & Athletics joseph.cascio@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2260
Ramona Chiapa Foundation
Director, Foundation ramona.chiapa@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2308
Tiffany Haynes Financial Aid
Director of Financial Aid tiffany.haynes@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2447
Reagen Dozier Student Services
Program Manager reagen.dozier@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2271
Erin Cruz Student Services
Director of Enrollment ecruz@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2332
Primavera Arvizu Student Services
Vice President, Student Services prarvizu@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2218
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