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Porterville College departments ordered by title.
Title Location Phone Email Fax
Admissions and Records AC-112 559-791-2220 559-791-2349
Athletics Department PC 559-791-2460
Business Office AC-102 559-791-2492 559-791-2488
CalWORKs AC-126 559-791-2303
Career & Technical Education PC 559-791-2200
Child Development / Child Care Child Development Center (CDC) 559-791-2258 pcchild@portervillecollege.edu
Counseling AC-126 559-791-2329
Disability Resource Center AC-126 559-791-2375
EOPS/CARE AC-126 559-791-2224
Financial Aid AC-103 559-791-2301 pc_faid@portervillecollege.edu
Fine & Applied Arts Division SM Building 559-791-2238
Foundation AC-102 559-791-2319 pcfoundation@portervillecollege.edu
Health Careers HC-2041 559-791-2321
Human Resources AC Building 559-791-2457
Information Technology Learning Resource Center 559-791-2365
Institutional Research Library 448 559-791-5091
Language Arts Division SM Building 559-791-2296
Maintenance & Operations M&O 559-791-2254
Mathematics Division SM Building 559-791-2262
Natural Science Division SM Building 559-791-2288
Office of Academic Affairs AC-101 559-791-2307
Office of Instruction AC-101 559-791-2350
Physical Education Division Fitness Center 559-791-7021
President's Office AC-110 559-791-2316
Public Information Center AC Building 559-791-2200
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