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Porterville College

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Porterville College Employees
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Dustin Acres Mathematics Division
Associate Professor 559-791-2226
Alia Alvarez Kinesiology Division
Adjunct Instructor
Andrea Anaya Admissions and Records
Technician II 559-791-2402
Angela Aparicio Child Development and Child Care
Associate Teacher 559-791-2272
Primavera Arvizu Student Services
Vice President, Student Services 559-791-2218
Bethany Ashford Environmental Science (ESA)
Adjunct Instructor
Rosaura Baca EOPS & CARE
Educational Advisor 559-791-2312
Terry Bady Health Careers
Associate Professor 559-791-2337
Eric Bailly Maintenance & Operations
Skilled Craftsworker 559-791-2287
Rebecca Baird Social Science Division
Professor 559-791-2387
Sariena Barton EOPS & CARE
Department Assistant III 559-791-2357
Gregory Basham Social Science Division
Adjunct Instructor
Tera Bean Student Services
Department Assistant II 559-791-2329
Kim Behrens Health Careers
Associate Dean, Health Careers 559-791-2322
Kathryn Benander Language Arts Division
Professor 559-791-2211
Karen Bishop Social Science Division
Professor 559-791-2340
Melissa Black Language Arts Division
Professor 559-791-2297
Lurdes Bolaños Financial Aid
Financial Aid Assistant 559-791-2310
Hector Briseno Counseling
Adjunct Counselor 559-791-2237
Craig Britton Career & Technical Education
Professor 559-791-2358
Tim Brown Career & Technical Education
CTE Division Chair / Professor 559-791-2362
Marlis Brownfield Wellness Center
College Nurse 559-791-2212
Wellness Center
Elizabeth Buchanan Language Arts Division
Associate Professor 559-791-2356
Sherie Burgess Mathematics Division
Mathematics Division Chair / Professor 559-791-2334
Ellery Burgess Engineering Academy (AOE)
Adjunct Instructor
Vern Butler Information Technology
Systems Support Specialist I 661-336-5197
Diana Cabrera CalWORKs
Department Assistant III 559-791-2223
Billy Jean Cabunoc Career & Technical Education
Educational Advisor 559-791-2419
HC 2071
Manuel Caceres Information Technology
Systems Support Specialist I 559-791-2466
Shaunna Callison Natural Science Division
Professor 559-791-2467
Leah Camarena Student Services
Adjunct Instructor
Michael Carley Institutional Research
Director of Institutional Research 559-791-2275
Araceli Carranza EOPS & CARE
Counselor and EOPS Coordinator 599-791-2367
Charlene Carrasco Student Services
Learning Center Technician 559-791-2227
Jim Carson Career & Technical Education
Professor 559-791-2369
Joe Cascio Athletics Department
Dean of Instruction, Interim 559-791-2260
Christian Castaneda Maintenance & Operations
Custodian II 559-791-2405
Ana Ceballos Student Services
Counselor, Teacher Education 559-791-2326
Ramona Chiapa Foundation
Director, Foundation 559-791-2308
Bulmaro Cisneros Language Arts Division
Associate Professor 559-791-2235
Stephanie Cortez Career & Technical Education
Assistant Professor 559-791-2412
Terry Crewse Mathematics Division
Professor 559-791-2480
Rebekah Cruz Financial Aid
Financial Aid Technician 559-791-2242
Veronica Cruz Admissions and Records
Assistant 559-791-2228
Monica Daniels Admissions and Records
Program Technician - SSSP/Enrollment Services 559-791-2206
Bret Davis Kinesiology Division
Professor 559-791-2335
Todd Dearmore Safety and Security
Safety and Security Manager 559-791-2459
Terri Didway Health Careers
Associate Professor 559-791-2219
Reagen Dozier Office of Instruction
Program Manager 559-791-2271
Vickie Dugan Kinesiology Division
Kinesiology Division Chair / Professor 559-791-2291
Christopher Ebert Student Services
Librarian 559-791-2370
James Entz Fine & Applied Arts Division
Professor 559-791-2257
Jackie Escareno Student Services
Educational Advisor 559-791-2244
Jeannie Fairless Foundation
Accounting Technician 559-791-2251
Judy Fallert Office of Instruction
Instruction Office Specialist 559-791-2210
Jolene Fernandez Maintenance & Operations
Department Assistant III 559-791-2405
Katherine Figueroa Student Services
Adjunct Counselor 559-791-2407
Nora Figueroa Child Development and Child Care
Department Assistant III 559-791-2272
Ramon Figueroa Career & Technical Education
Adjunct Instructor/EMT and Fire Tech.
Matthew Flummer Social Science Division
Professor 559-791-2359
Mario Garcia Career & Technical Education
Instructor 559-333-0344
John Ghilarducci Counseling
Counselor, Dual Enrollment 559-791-2422
Anja Goebel Athletics Department
Athletic Trainer 559-791-2460
Richard Goode Natural Science Division
Professor 559-791-2268
Irene Guerrero Student Services
Library Technician II 559-791-2348
Lupe Guillen Health Careers
Health Careers Division Chair / Professor 559-791-2397
Connie Gutierrez Language Arts Division
Professor 559-791-2295
Manuela Haberkorn Health Careers
Assistant Professor 559-791-2311
Dr. Claudia Habib President's Office
President 559-791-2316
President's Office
Janice Halopoff Admissions and Records
Technician II 559-791-2269
Carl Hammer Career & Technical Education
Adjunct Instructor
Kendra Haney Natural Science Division
Natural Science Division Chair / Associate Professor 559-791-2280
Felisa Hannah President's Office
Administrative Assistant 559-791-2316
President's Office
Jay Hargis Social Science Division
Professor 559-791-2247
Sylvia Harral Kinesiology Division
Adjunct Instructor
Terry Harter Information Technology
Systems Support Specialist II 661-336-5197
Ethan Hartsell Fine & Applied Arts Division
Professor 559-791-2233
Stewart Hathaway Mathematics Division
Professor 559-791-2262
Tiffany Haynes Financial Aid
Director of Financial Aid 559-791-2447
Robert Haynes Athletics Department
Head Coach, Mens Basketball 559-791-2388
Jill Hefflefinger-Waddle Child Development and Child Care
CDC Teacher 559-791-2272
Maribel Hernandez Foundation
Executive Secretary, Foundation 559-791-2319
Jonathan Hernandez Fine & Applied Arts Division
Assistant Professor 559-791-2355
Michelle Herrera EOPS & CARE
Program Technician 559-791-3661
Anthony Hinde Natural Science Division
Adjunct Instructor
Catherine Hodges Language Arts Division
Professor 559-791-2240
Clara Hodges Language Arts Division
Adjunct Instructor 559-791-2205
Sonia Huckabay Business Office
Accounting Manager 559-791-2403
Analicia Jauregui Student Services
Department Assistant III 559-791-2221
Mary Jo Jordan Career & Technical Education
Professor 559-791-2361
David Kavern Kinesiology Division
Professor 559-791-2283
Elizabeth Keele Health Careers
Assistant Professor 559-791-2493
Jeffrey Keele Social Science Division
Professor 559-791-2342
Ashley Land JEC Center
JEC Program Coordinator 559-791-2216
Jana Lanning Child Development and Child Care
CDC Teacher 559-791-2272
David LaPere Career & Technical Education
Adjunct Instructor
Joy Lawrence Language Arts Division
Associate Professor 559-791-2263
Jacques Leffall Student Services
Adjunct Instructor
Filomena Lewis Language Arts Division
Adjunct Instructor
Gerred Link Athletics Department
Athletic Director 559-791-2428
Jodie Logan Office of Academic Affairs
Administrative Assistant 559-791-2208
Melissa Long Language Arts Division
Associate Professor 559-791-2264
Vira Lozano Social Science Division
Professor 559-791-2372
Edwin Macaraeg Fine & Applied Arts Division
Adjunct Instructor
Jorge Macias Financial Aid
Financial Aid Technician 559-791-2250
Roberto Maqueda Gutierrez Student Services
Adjunct Instructor / Counselor
Carmen Martin Counseling
Counselor 559-791-2281
Vianey Martinez Human Resources
Human Resources Assistant 559-791-2313
Linda Martinez Public Information Center
Department Assistant II, Public Information Center 559-791-2329
Emily McIntosh Office of Instruction
Betty McVay Health Careers
Assistant Professor 559-791-2383
Victor Medrano Information Technology
Computer Lab Assistant 559-791-2256
John Mejia Student Services
Title V Program Technician 559-791-2435
Dolores Meurer Marketing and Communications
Graphics Technician 559-791-2239
Elizabeth Miller Language Arts Division
Adjunct Instructor
Michelle Miller-Galaz Office of Instruction
Dean of Instruction, Interim 559-791-2432
Todd Minchew Maintenance & Operations
Groundsworker II 559-791-2276
Teresa Minter Procter Natural Science Division
Professor 559-791-2229
Kelly Moua Disability Resource Center
Program Technician 559-791-2215
Kongming Mouanoutoua EOPS & CARE
Counselor 559-791-2245
Amber Nagel Emerging Agricultural Technology
Adjunct Instructor
Alex Narvaiz Maintenance & Operations
Groundsworker II 559-791-2276
Carlos Natera Maintenance & Operations
Supervisor, Grounds 559-791-2276
Jay Navarrette Information Technology
Director, IT 559-791-2365
Kerry Newlin Business and Finance (PAB)
Adjunct Instructor
Phillip Newman Language Arts Division
Adjunct Professor
Annette Nix Maintenance & Operations
Administrative Secretary 559-791-2404
Tim Noel Maintenance & Operations
Skilled Craftsworker 559-791-2399
Christine Okialda Student Services
Adjunct Counselor 559-791-2277
Stephanie Olmedo-Hinde Disability Resource Center
Counselor 559-791-2425
John Olmos Law Justice and Ethics (LJE)
Adjunct Instructor
Ian Onizuka Mathematics Division
Associate Professor 559-791-2246
Connie Oropeza Student Services
Educational Advisor, Transfer Center 559-791-2306
John Ortega Financial Aid
Financial Aid Technician 559-791-2234
Kevin Ott Marketing and Communications
Web Content Editor 559-791-2320
Jeremy Parker Athletics Department
Head Coach, Womens Basketball 559-791-2253
Michelle Pengilly Academy for Careers in Education
Adjunct Instructor
Roger Perez President's Office
Marketing and Communications Manager / Public Information Officer 559-791-2209
LRC 509
Jacqueline Peters Business Office
Accounting Technician II 559-791-2494
Brandon Pettit Information Technology
Computer Lab Assistant 5597912256
Tammy Phillips Child Development and Child Care
CDC Assistant 559-791-9291
Sarah Phinney Office of Instruction
Educational Media Design Specialist 559-791-2380
Christopher Piersol Natural Science Division
Professor 559-791-2346
Maria Platas Business Office
Accounting Technician II 559-791-2346
Kristen Plunk Office of Instruction
Executive Secretary
Jennie Porreco Human Resources
Assistant 559-791-2225
Cindy Pummil Mathematics Division
Professor 559-791-2336
Elisa Queenan Career & Technical Education
Assistant Professor 559-791-2282
CT 1316
Efren Ramirez Maintenance & Operations
Groundsworker I 559-791-2276
Juan Ramirez Maintenance & Operations
Maintenance Worker 559-791-2497
Alexander Ramos Public Information Center
Department Assistant III 559-791-2330
Isaura Ramos Ramirez Maintenance & Operations
Custodian I
Di Phan Reagan Mathematics Division
Associate Professor 559-791-2497
Sarah Rector Fine & Applied Arts Division
Assistant Professor 559-791-2255
Daniel Rice Language Arts Division
English Instructor
Cody Ridenour Student Services
Department Assistant I 559-791-3663
Christopher Roche Health Careers
Professor 559-791-2475
Vincent Rojas Maintenance & Operations
Custodian I 559-791-2404
Fernando Roman Disability Resource Center
Alternative Media Specialist 559-791-2389
Maria Roman Veteran's Affairs
Student Services Division Chair / Counselor 559-791-2230
Miguel Ruelas Mathematics Division
Professor 559-791-2418
James Russell Office of Instruction
Vice President, Instruction 559-791-2307
Antonio Salazar Student Services
Educational Advisor 559-791-2415
McKenna Salazar Career & Technical Education
Program Director, CTE/Dual Enrollment 559-791-2424
LRC 553
Jon Satko Natural Science Division
Professor 559-791-2345
Ena See CalWORKs
Adjunct Counselor 559-791-2270
Patricia Serrato Student Services
Counselor 559-791-2376
Tamara Seymour Child Development and Child Care
Child Development Center Teacher 559-791-2272
Jessica Shadrick Counseling
Adjunct Counselor 559-791-2244
Robert Simpkins Social Science Division
Social Science Division Chair / Professor 559-791-2464
Marie Smith Language Arts Division
Adjunct Librarian
Errin Sullivan Arcos Student Services
Adjunct Counselor 559-791-2366
Rickelle Syrdahl Natural Science Division
Professor 559-791-2347
Joe Tanguma Maintenance & Operations
Custodian II 559-791-2276
Rachel Tatro Duarte Language Arts Division
Assistant Professor 559-791-2284
James Thompson Office of Instruction
Fine & Applied Arts Division Chair / Communication Instructor 559-791-2238
Rachel Vallejo Student Services
Program Technician 559-791-2222
Anne VanDerHorst Human Resources
College HR Manager - PC 559-791-2457
Dowie "DJ" Vanderwerff Institutional Research
Institutional Research Analyst 559-791-2290
Christopher Vanni Natural Science Division
Biology Instructor
Yolanda Vasquez EOPS & CARE
Counselor and CARE Coordinator 559-791-2465
Debra Vaughn Health Careers
Assistant Professor 559-791-2354
Miles Vega Counseling
Counselor 559-791-2327
Denise Vela Language Arts Division
Adjunct Instructor
Rebecca Velasco Health Careers
Executive Secretary 559-791-2321
Jacqueline Verduzco Natural Science Division
Laboratory Technician I 559-791-2243
Ann Marie Wagstaff Language Arts Division
Language Arts Division Chair / Professor 559-791-2296
Beverly Ward Health Careers
Professor 559-791-2472
Kimanthi Warren Student Services
Director of Equity and Education Services 559-791-2323
Miranda Warren Office of Academic Affairs
Executive Secretary 559-791-2333
Donna Watson Health Careers
Program Technician 559-791-2352
Starla Whitehair Student Services
Technician 559-791-2227
Joel Wiens Natural Science Division
Professor 559-791-2288
Shauna Williams Disability Resource Center
Sign Language Interpreter I 559-791-2495
Arlitha Williams-Harmon Business Office
Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services 559-791-2374
Erin Wingfield Student Services
Director of Enrollment 559-791-2332
John Word Maintenance & Operations
Director, Maintenance & Operations 559-791-2254
Kathryn Wortman Environmental Science (ESA)
Adjunct Instructor
Jolene Wright Admissions and Records
Assistant 559-791-2248
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