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Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Dustin Acres Natural Science Division
Associate Professor dustin.acres@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2226
Elmer Aguilar Student Services
Program Manager, SSSP elmer.aguilar@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2273
Andrea Anaya Admissions and Records
Technician II aanaya@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2402
Angela Aparicio Child Development / Child Care
Associate Teacher angela.aparicio@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2272
Errin Arcos Student Services
Adjunct Counselor errin.arcos@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2366
Sam Aunai Office of Instruction
Vice President, Instruction sam.aunai@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2307
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