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Porterville College Employees
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Dustin Acres Mathematics Division
Associate Professor dustin.acres@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2226
Karen Aguillon Business Office
Budget Analyst karen.aguillon@portervillecollege.edu
Kimberly Agustin Language Arts Division
ESL Instructor kimberly.agustin@portervillecollege.edu
Alia Alvarez Kinesiology Division
Adjunct Instructor alia.alvarez@portervillecollege.edu
Andrea Anaya Admissions and Records
Technician II aanaya@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2402
Cameron Anderson Safety and Security
Safety and Security Manager cameron.anderson@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2459
Rawan Araim Mathematics Division
Math Instructor rawan.araim@bakersfieldcollege.edu
Rodolfo Arellano Social Science Division
Adjunct Psychology Instructor rodarell@portervillecollege.edu
Kristina Arellano-Chung Fine & Applied Arts Division
Adjunct Communications Faculty kristina.arellano@portervillecollege.edu
Kristina Arellano-Chung Library
Library Technician II kristina.arellano@portervillecollege.edu
Primavera Arvizu Student Services
Vice President, Student Services prarvizu@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2218
Bethany Ashford Social Science Division
Adjunct Anthropology Instructor bethany.ashford@portervillecollege.edu