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Porterville College Employees
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Karen Oeh Social Science Division
Adjunct Anthropology Instructor karen.oeh@portervillecollege.edu
Christine Okialda Student Services
Adjunct Counselor christine.okialda@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2277
Christine Okialda Student Services
General Counselor christine.okialda@portervillecollege.edu
David Oliver Natural Science Division
Physical Science Instructor david.oliver@portervillecollege.edu
Stephanie Olmedo-Hinde Transfer Center
Student Services Division Chair / Counselor solmedo@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2425
John Olmos Career & Technical Education
Administration of Justice Instructor-COF john.olmos@portervillecollege.edu
Ian Onizuka Mathematics Division
Associate Professor ian.onizuka@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2246
John Ortega Financial Aid
Financial Aid Technician jortega@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2234
Kevin Ott Marketing and Communications
Web Content Editor 559-791-2320
Shae Owens Language Arts Division
English-Dual Enrollment shae.owens@portervillecollege.edu