Porterville College

Division Chairs

Name Position Email Phone Location
Karen Bishop Social Science Division Chair / Professor kbishop@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2340
Sherie Burgess Mathematics Division Chair / Professor shburges@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2334
Vickie Dugan Kinesiology Division Chair / Professor vdugan@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2291
Kendra Haney Natural Science Division Chair / Professor kendra.haney@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2280
Elizabeth Keele Health Careers Division Chair / Assistant Professor elizabeth.keele@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2493
Melissa Long Language Arts / Professor / Division Chair melissa.long@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2264
Stephanie Olmedo-Hinde Student Services Division Chair / Counselor solmedo@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2425
James Thompson Fine & Applied Arts Division Chair/ Professor of Communication jathomps@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2238
Elisa Queenan Career and Technical Education Division Chair / Assistant Professor elisa.queenan@portervillecollege.edu 559-791-2282
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