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Early Alert Information for Students

What is Early Alert?

The Early Alert Program is a system for faculty to refer students to the Early Alert Counselor and Advisor to address academic needs such as time management, study skills, and information of campus resources. However, students that have not been referred by a faculty member and can benefit from an Early Alert appointment can self-refer by calling the Counseling Center.

The Early Alert Staff recommends students to consider the following academic tips to be successful in their courses and academic future:

Tips to be Successful in the Classroom

  • Schedule enough homework and study time in your schedule. We recommend you study 2 hours outside of class per week for every hour of class time.
  • Study Areas: Study spaces at Porterville College include the library and the Computer Commons. Studying and homework should be done in the least distracting environment.
  • Seek tutoring, faculty help, math/writing mentors, and the Writing Center. Visit the Learning Resource Center website for information on academic resources: https://www.portervillecollege.edu/learning-center/learning-center.
  • Have open communication with your instructor. If you have questions or concerns about a course, talk to your instructor before or after class, at office hours, or via email. Remember to always communicate with them about make-up work and absences.
  • Develop a semester schedule where you include study and homework time for each of your classes.

Tips to be Successful in Your Goal Completion

  • Meet with a Counselor/Advisor. Meet with a Counselor/Advisor at least once a semester to check on your academic progress and discuss classes needed for the upcoming semesters. Appointments are good opportunities to provide you with information and updates, ask questions you may have, and recommend other support services. The recommendation is to meet with a Counselor/Advisor at the beginning of each semester.
  • Apply for support programs on campus to help you as you continue your education.
  • Identify your goal. PC offers degrees and certificate programs, however, if you are unsure what you would like to study, we encourage you to visit the Career Coach website and meet with a counselor/advisor.
  • Ensure you are following your most updated Educational Plan.
  • Be aware of your registration status, complete an Update form and check registration date and time every term before registering for the next semester.

Counseling Center Contact Information

559-791-2329 and 559-791-3663

Jackie Escareno, Early Alert Advisor

Patty Serrato, Early Alert Counselor