Porterville College


Current EOPS/CARE/NextUp Students

EOPS Counseling Requirements

All EOPS students are required to meet with their EOPS counselor three times during each semester (fall/spring). Students are also required to meet with EOPS counselor one time during each the Summer Session, if registered. This counseling requirement must be met by all EOPS students regardless of the number of units they carry. Counselors may require additional visits, if needed.

Appointment Deadlines for Current EOPS/CARE/NextUp Students

    Deadline Date to Complete for
Spring 2022
1st Appointment Complete or Review Educational Plan Feb. 25th
2nd Appointment Review Academic Progress  April 1st
3rd Appointment Exit May 6th

Program Standing

All EOPS students are required to follow their EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract to ensure continued program eligibility. At the end of each semester, EOPS conducts continued program eligibility verification using the following criteria to determine EOPS Student's Program Standing. Students who don not complete these items will be dropped from the program.

  1. EOPS Academic Standing
  2. Completed Counseling Contacts
  3. Completed Units
  4. Completion of an Educational Workshop


Reminder: EOPS students are required to complete at least one workshop each Fall and Spring semester.

JEC Workshops/Events

There are currently no events.