Porterville College

Beethoven and His Friends Concert

A recital performed by Valerie Walden – cello and Mark Kroll – harpsichord/piano

The repertoire of this program begins with Beethoven's Twelve Variations on the theme "Ein Mӓdchen oder Weibchen" for cello and piano. The original aria is from Mozart's opera The Magic Flute and Beethoven wrote the variations for cello and piano because the aria was so popular. Also on the program is a sonata for cello and keyboard by Jean-Pierre Duport. Duport was the cellist for the Berlin Court and Beethoven premiered his Op. 5 sonatas with Duport at the court. Beethoven considered Duport to be one of the greatest instrumentalists he ever encountered. Like Beethoven, Ignaz Moscheles was a virtuoso pianist and he was a close friend of Beethoven. Both Beethoven and Moscheles revered Bach and Moscheles took ten of Bach’s preludes from the Well-Tempered Klavier and arranged them for cello and piano. This program will feature two of those preludes. Concluding the recital will be the sonata op. 125 for cello and piano by Ferdinand Ries. Ries grew up with Beethoven at the court of Bonn and was not only Beethoven’s close friend, but his student and secretary as well. The sonata is a romantic work.

Date & Time: 
Tue, 02/19/2019 - 7:00 pm to 7:00 pm
PC Theater

Kern Community College District