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Update to PC Food Pantry Drive Thru for Students

The event will remain every Thursday, although the time will be one hour earlier, from 10:00 – 11:00 to compensate for the heat that we will be experiencing over the summer months. Please share as we would like to make sure we communicate the change and eliminate any confusion. This message has been sent through Navigate to our students.

Dear Porterville College Student,

With schools and many businesses closed, many of you who have not needed the Pirate Pantry services will need assistance more than ever. Porterville College continues to work with Community Food Bank to create a network of support for our students in emergency. Porterville College will be providing no-contact, drive-thru Mobile Pirate Pantry for Porterville College Students. One bag of groceries will be given to each student. Students must present a current Porterville College Student ID Card or Canvas login showing courses with a matching picture ID to receive a bag of groceries. Please have the verification items ready when you pull up to receive your bag of groceries. The drive thru will be available every Thursday at 10am to 11pm and will be first come first served, beginning April 2, 2020. The drive-thru will take place in the parking lot located in front of the AC building. There will be clear signage upon entry, and we ask that all participants practice social distancing. There will be marked locations that you should adhere to while you wait your turn. We are facing unknown and unpredictable needs in the coming months, and your college is working to assist in meeting those needs.

ESL Express Enrollment Coming Soon - June 4th, 2020

2020-2021 Academic Calendar Now Available

Click to view the academic calendar for 2020-2021:

2020-2021 Academic Year Calendar

Congratulations to the 2020 Porterville College Medal of Distinction Recipients

Each department has created a special video message for their recipient. Click the videos below to view.

Ivan Villanueva: Medal Recipient in Teacher Education

Jacob Roper, Kayla Drake, and Mae Vercnocke: Medal Recipients in Natural Science

Aiden Willet: Medal Recipient in Fine Arts

Joshua Reagan: Medal Recipient in Mathematics

Heathy Ochoa: Medal Recipient in Communication Studies

Alan Mata: Medal Recipient in Engineering

Porterville College Virtual Art Exhibition 2020 Now Available to View

The Fine Arts Department has found a way to keep a long held PC tradition alive with the 2020 “Virtual” Student Exhibition. Click the video below to begin exploring the latest works of art created by Porterville College.

Students Asking How to Purchase a Cap and Gown as a Keepsake? Online Ordering is Now Available

Click the button below to visit the online store for Class of 2020 cap and gown keepsakes--available for the same price as you would pay if you were purchasing them in-person at the campus store:

Order Your Cap and Gown Keepsake

Porterville College President, Dr. Claudia Habib, shares some important updates about COVID-19 (4/20/20). To select different sections of the video, click the topics below. Click the YouTube image to watch the full video:

Click the following video to watch the full-length update from Dr. Habib:

Click the video below to view a presentation about the current COVID-19 crisis:

Message from the President to PC Faculty and Staff

Date: March 17, 2020

To:      PC Faculty and Staff
Re:      PC Response Update

Porterville College is NOT implementing a campus closure, however, we will transition our operation into a Virtual modality effective immediately, with limited on-campus presence to support essential functions only.  

Faculty and staff will report on Monday March 23 for training and support in moving all face-to-face classes to online or other alternative format beginning Monday March 30. Spring break will be extended for one week and on-line classes will resume on, March 30.

These are general decisions that I would like you to know: 

  1. We are extending Spring Break for students by one week, resuming classes on Monday, March 30.  The extra week from Monday March 23 to the 26th will be used by faculty, staff and administrators to prepare for virtual delivery of courses, counseling and services. We will do our best to stagger the number of people coming to campus so that we can mitigate exposure.
  2. While we cannot completely move to online delivery, we believe we can reduce the number of people on campus significantly and support CDC recommendations to provide social distance.
  3. All full-time faculty are to report in person to the college at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, March 23.  Specifics will follow from your Vice Presidents and Deans. 
  4. All faculty will be provided with a schedule of trainings. Part-time faculty are encouraged to join the trainings via zoom, or in person, if possible.  We will also provide evening seminars for part-time faculty who cannot attend during the day. 
  5. Student services faculty and staff will transition in to virtual modality.  Specifics will come from the VP of Student Services.
  6. Students will receive guidance from the college on how their classes will proceed through their email accounts.  It is more critical than ever to ensure that students are using their college email and Canvas account to stay informed of updates. 
  7. Student workers will be contacted by their supervisors for accommodations during the ongoing crisis. There will be no loss of pay or financial aid.
  8. Child Development Center will be closed through March 30. We’re reviewing the viability of keeping it open throughout the rest of the semester.
  9. Athletic programs are currently suspended.  All games and practices are canceled until further notice from the CCCAA.  All athletic facilities (locker rooms, training room, weight room, sports fields, gym) will be closed for any non-instructional activity through the end of the semester.
  10. M&O Continues to sanitize all exposed surfaces and rooms after each use. We will be increasingly limiting access to buildings after the transition.
  11. Staff will continue to report to their Supervisors while accommodations for virtual work arrangements are finalized. Flexible work arrangements will be in place for essential and critical functions that require District support or infrastructure to complete.
  12. Leave will be provided in accordance with the contract for staff members who are ill, have kin care needs (e.g., children and seniors) or are part of the identified at-risk population. 
  13. We encourage you to follow all guidelines set forth by the CDC minimize risk to yourself and others.  Students, faculty, and staff that fall into one of the risk categories (over 65 or with underlying health issues) should individually determine if they should come to the college in person.  Faculty and staff should contact their supervisor for guidance on how to proceed.  Students should contact their faculty members for alternative assignments and opportunities.
  14. Administrators will always be available to support you. The district and the college have established virtual telecommuting options and will work with supervisors to implement the plan.  All flexible work schedules to support essential functions require coordination and approval of the appropriate vice president.

These are truly unprecedented times we are living in, and we will rise to the occasion. We will strive to continue our communications as they evolve and details emerge. Again, I appeal to your patience as we complete this transition. Let’s not panic, but let’s be prepare. My great appreciation to my cabinet and admin team along with our faculty and staff leaders who have spent countless hours ensuring that our actions support student success.

One last thing: We will all experience and react to this crisis and to this monumental change in different ways. Let’s remember that we are a family. As a family we will face this crisis with care and compassion towards each other. I encourage you to check on one and other’s well-being so we can minimize feelings of isolation.

Every day when I wake up in the morning, I am excited about the work ahead and eager to come to campus. My heart is full of excitement when I walk the grounds. I look forward to greeting the staff with a cheerful “Good morning, buenos dias!!!" My heart swells when I walk the quad and interact with students, or cross paths with faculty on their way to class. I am re-energized with every interaction, greeting and hug from my PC family. The thought of not having these interactions makes my heart sink and my eyes a bit misty. But I take a deep breath and regain my composure because I know that this shall pass, and hopefully soon we will be back to normal. Albeit a new normal, but one that will continue to foster the camaraderie, solidarity and love we are so proud to share with our PC family.


Dr. Claudia Habib


The following links will aid you in becoming familiar with Canvas: 

Remote Ready Template: this is a Canvas template for face-to-face classes transitioning to online. (You do NOT have to use this template. It is offered as a courtesy.)

Other helpful videos:

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