Porterville College

Admissions & Records Process


Step 1
High School Counselor
The high school student interested in taking dual/concurrent enrollment classes offered on the high school site must meet with the designated high school counselor to discuss interests, goals, and intentions.
Step 2
PC Application
The high school student must complete the online application for admission to Porterville College (PC). The entire application must be completed in order to receive a PC ID number. The high school counselor can provide assistance if needed.
Step 3
Take the Porterville College placement assessment. 
Step 4
Determine Courses
In consultation with the high school counselor and based on student interests, goals, and intentions, determine the college courses you will be taking as a dual/enrollment course on the high school site.
Step 5
HS Certification Form

With assistance from the high school counselor, complete the High School Certification Form. This form requires:

  • The signature from a high school principal/designee and parent/legal guardian
  • Information on college course to be taken, PC ID#, GPA 
  • Home address & phone number
Step 6
Attach high school transcripts with the completed/signed HS Certification Form
Step 7
Submit Documents
The completed & signed High School Certification Form & transcripts will be submitted to Porterville College by the high school.
Step 8
Make arrangements to take the Porterville College Orientation
Notes: Depending on the course and placement level results, students may or may not be able to enroll in the dual enrollment college course. Students who do not meet the English placement level may have an opportunity to participate in the JumpStart/English Challenge Exam Option.The High School Certification Form must be completed every semester for continued enrollment in dual/concurrent classes on the high school site.The high school student must have a grade point average (GPA) minimum of 2.0.
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