Porterville College

Fast Track to College Program

Important Note: Porterville College will be offering a mixture of online and in-person classes in the Summer session. Please see the class schedule for details.

The Fast Track to College program provides an opportunity for high school students to earn college credit. College credit may be earned through dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and/or articulation (credit by exam).

The Benefits

The Fast Track to College Program will provide high school students with the opportunity to:

  • Earn college credit while still in high school
  • Get a head-start on college education and career readiness
  • Provide a seamless transition into college and career options
  • Save on tuition costs and related expenses. Tuition is typically waived for high school students taking college courses. 

Program Opportunities

Dual Enrollment 

  • Porterville College course taught on the high school campus during the regular school hours. The instructor is a qualified high school teacher who meets college teaching requirements and will serve as an adjunct faculty member.
  • A college class taught on the high school campus where the instructor is a college faculty member (offered during the regular school hours).

Concurrent Enrollment

  • High School student takes college course(s) on the Porterville College campus, online, and/or after school on the high school site.
  • Students must be a Junior in High School to attend courses taught on the Porterville campus.

Articulation/Credit by Exam:

  • Credit through an articulated Career Technical Education (CTE) course can be earned through a credit-by-exam process. The college faculty can determine what the “exam” may be for the purpose of assessing knowledge for the identified class. This can include but is not limited to a combination of: tests, papers, projects, essays, etc., or it can be only one of these elements. The faculty may decide to count the assignments, tests, projects, etc. for the identified high school class for assessment of knowledge & skills for this “exam” purpose. The discretion is with the college discipline faculty.