Porterville College

High School Students

High school students can use ANY or ALL of the methods below to attain college units.

Dual Enrollment

  • Porterville College course taught on the high school campus during the regular school hours. The instructor is a qualified high school teacher who meets college teaching requirements and will serve as an adjunct faculty member.
  • A college class taught on the high school campus where the instructor is a college faculty member (offered during the regular school hours).

Concurrent Enrollment 

  • High School student takes college course(s) on the Porterville College campus, online, and/or after school on the high school site.


  • Credit through an articulated Career Technical Education (CTE) course can be earned through a credit-by-exam process. The college faculty can determine what the “exam” may be for the purpose of assessing knowledge for the identified class. This can include but is not limited to a combination of: tests, papers, projects, essays, etc., or it can be only one of these elements. The faculty may decide to count the assignments, tests, projects, etc. for the identified high school class for assessment of knowledge & skills for this “exam” purpose. The discretion is with the college discipline faculty.


What is a FERPA form and why is it important?

FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (also called the Buckley Amendment). This act sets privacy standards for student educational records. Porterville College cannot release student's information to anyone, even parents, unless a FERPA has been submitted by the student to our Admissions & Records office. This form needs to be resubmitted every year while the student is here at Porterville College. This form can be found on the left hand side of the screen on the side bar under Important Documents. 

If I am struggling in a class what resources are available to me at Porterville College?

Porterville College has many resources available for Dual Enrollment students. If you are struggling in a course please visit the Porterville College Library or our Learning Resource Center which provides academic support for students through peer and faculty tutorial services and further assistance through the Writing and Math Centers. If you are having further difficulty in a course after utilizing these services please contact one of our school counselors in the Counseling Center on the Porterville College campus. 

If I need a Progress Report, how do I get one?

If you need a Progress Report please fill out Progress Report Request form and submit to your instructor. This form can be found on the left hand side of the screen under the Important Document tab..

How can I get my college transcript?

You can print out your unofficial transcript on InsidePC. For your official transcript you can request your transcript online through the TranscriptsPlus link to the left. If you are uncomfortable requesting your official transcript online you can submit a Transcript Request form to Admissions & Records. This form is located on the left hand side of the screen under Important Documents.

I don't want to take a course that I am registered for, what should I do?

You can drop a course by either alerting your instructor, meeting with one of your high school counselors, or filling out a drop form with one of our counselors in Student Services. There are specific drop dates each semester that enable students to withdraw from courses without having the course posted to their college transcripts. It is the student’s responsibility to alert the instructor and/or counselor(s) in a reasonable timeframe so that they can drop the student from the course. On the left hand side of the screen, under Important Documents, is the current Academic Calendar which shows the specific drop dates for this academic year. If your course starts earlier or later than the standard college course your drop date may be different than what is shown. If this is the case for you, we advise you to seek your specific drop date from a counselor.

If I took a Dual Enrollment course and received a D or F can I take a different dual enrollment course next semester?

If you received a D or F in a Dual Enrollment course you will not be able to take a new Dual Enrollment course until you retake the failed course and receive a passing grade. 

How often can I retake a Dual Enrollment course?

You can only take a Dual Enrollment course three times.

What can I do if I took the Placement Test but do not agree with my current placement?

If you do not agree with your Placement Text results you can challenge your placement by taking the Challenge Exam. You will need your Student ID and your Placement Test scores in order to challenge your placement. Once you have items please contact the Learning Resource Center to make an appointment.

I received an email regarding Early Alert, what is this?

Early Alert is a program Porterville College uses that alerts students if they are not doing well in a course. The email you received is from our Counseling Center because we were informed by your instructor that you were struggling in their course. Please contact the Early Alert counselor to make an appointment where they will discuss your class with you and share the different resources available for you at Porterville College.


* Please note all forms can be found on the left hand side of the screen under Important Documents
High School Dual Enrollment Form: This is the form that all High School Students need to submit to Admissions & Records when they are requesting to take a Dual Enrollment course. This form needs to be submitted each semester. 
FERPA Form: This form is important because Porterville College cannot release any information about a student (regardless of if they are a minor) to anyone unless this form has been submitted annually to Admissions & Records. This form has to be filled out and submitted by the student. 
Progress Report Request Form: A student will submit this form to their instructor to determine their current progress in that course. 
Transcript Request Form: A student will submit this form to Admissions & Records to receive their official transcript. Please note, this request can also be made online on our Transcripts page. 
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