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After Applying

After Applying

  • Your FAFSA form will be processed, and you will receive your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) in your Student Aid Report (SAR), which Porterville College uses to figure out how much aid you can get.
  • Porterville College will receive your FAFSA information if you have listed Porterville College as one of the ten schools a student can list on an online FAFSA application.
  • After receiving an electronic copy of your information, the PC Financial Aid Office will contact you with a letter requesting additional information in order to complete your financial aid file. Students are not required to submit their SAR's to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Students are awarded on a first come basis. 

After Applying FAQ

How is my Financial Aid calculated?

Your eligibility depends on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), your year in school, your enrollment status, and the cost of attendance (COA). The financial aid office determines how much financial aid you are eligible to receive with the formula below. 

Calculating Your Financial Need: Formula
Cost of Attendance (COA) Expected Family Contribution (EFC) = Financial Need

Checking the Status of Your Awards

Porterville College Award Package

  • Students may check the status of their Financial Aid Award by logging into BanWeb, choosing Banner Self-Service from the MyBanWeb channel and then selecting Financial Aid. While logged in, students can apply for financial aid, view their financial aid status and eligibility, accept award letters and contact the PC Financial Aid Office.

WebGrants for Students

  • If you have filed a FAFSA, check the status of your Cal Grant, CHAFEE, and update your information on this site. 

How do I take care of my requirements for verification?

Follow the instructions below to create your account with our paperless verification system and submit your documents electronically.

1. Log in to InsidePC. Your user ID is @00xxxxx if this is your first time logging in. Your password is your six-digit birthday (MMDDYY).

2. Select Financial Aid.

3. Select Eligibility

4. Select the Award Year from the drop-down menu and Submit.

5. Click “Verification Connect.”

6. Enter your InsidePC login username and password, click “Sign In.”

7. You will be asked to “Register Account” by providing your First Name, Last Name, DOB, SSN, PC email, and current phone number where you can receive text messages (see the video below for a walkthrough).

8. Important: Make sure your Name, DOB, SSN match exactly what you entered on the FAFSA or Dream Act application.

9. Once you have entered all information in the steps above, click "Register Account."

NOTE: The new paperless system allows you to complete forms online and e-sign. You can also scan and upload documents by taking pictures of them with your phone!

Unsatisfied Requirements?

  1. Go to myBanWeb
  2. Log in to your account (Student ID and Password)
  3. Click on "Financial Aid" under Main Menu
  4. Click on "Financial Aid Status"
  5. Select Year from the "drop down menu and click "Submit"
  6. Click on highlighted "Student Requirements"
  7. Click on each of the Unsatisfied Requirements and PRINT!

Submit the forms to the Financial Aid Office.  If you are experiencing problems with printing you may go the Financial Aid Office computer lab.

  • If you do not have access to MyBanWeb then you probably have not completed an Admissions Form. 
  • If you are a NEW student (never attended PC) please complete the Admissions Form.

*STUDENTS should NEVER complete more than one Admissions Form otherwise you will create a duplicate student ID that will result in a delay in your Admissions and Financial Aid Application process.