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Financial Calculators


Enter real information about your finances, and figure out personal timelines for paying off debt, reaching your savings goals, estimating your loan payments and more. 

To access this information make sure you create a username and password to access financial calculators at cash course.  Register for a free account and take charge of your money.  Students must register in order to gain access to their personalized Cash Course experience.  They should select the "register now" button under the Students section.  Students select Porterville during the registration to see the custom access.  Once the registration process is complete, students will be directed to their branded student dashboard.



How Much Am I Spending?

How Much Do I Need For Emergencies?

What is the Value of Reducing Expenses?


Credit cards:

How Long Will it Take to Pay Off My Credit Card?



Should I Live Off or On Campus?

Should I Rent or Buy a Home?



How Long Until my Loan is Paid Off?

What Would My Loan Payments Be?

What is the Impact of Making Extra Payments on a Loan?

Will I Be Able to Pay Back My Student Loans?



Becoming a Millionaire 

How Much Should I Be Saving for College?

What is the Impact of Increasing my 401(k) Contributions?

When Should I Begin to Save for Retirement?

When Should I Begin Saving for my Child's College? 



How Will Payroll Adjustments Affect My Take-Home Pay?


Paying for College

For more information on the complete cost of college, and ways to reduce your expenses, please visit the Paying for Educationsection of the CashCourse website. 

Budget Wizard

The budget Wizard will help you easily create a monthly budget!  If your income or expenses change, you can log in and make the updates.  Or you can test your different budget scenarios and see what works best for you. 

How it Works

The Budget Wizard will walk you through the steps to creating a monthly budget:

  1. Enter in your income
  2. Add all your expenses
  3. Select your savings goals

Finally, you can login and update your budget with your actual expenses and income.  Before you start creating your budget, it might be helpful to review your bank account and credit card statements in orders to make a list of your monthly expenses and income.  

For more information, please contact your financial coach located in AC-103. 

July 8, 2015

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