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Alternative Media Requests

Alternative Media

We provide assistance for the creation of textbooks, instructional materials, and other printed information converted to alternate formats such as Braille, large print, or electronic text.

How can I receive alternate media services?

Students must be authorized to receive textbooks in an alternate format (i.e. e-text, Braille, large print) by their DRC Counselor.

If this accommodation has been authorized for you, the following process must be utilized for receiving the alternate media:

As soon as possible after registering for an upcoming semester, you will need to complete an Alternate Media Request form for each textbook. Book information can be obtained from the Barnes and Noble Bookstore booklist if available for that semester.

You may also bring any class materials (ie: syllabus, handouts) you have available to the DRC and submit for alternative media.

In addition to the Alternate Media Request forms, you will also be required to sign and agree to the Alternate Media Policies and Procedures. Alternative Media requests can generally be processed and delivered 10 business days after the request has been received by the Alternative Media Specialist.

Use the Form Below to submit an Alternative Media Request.

If you have more than one book request, please use a comma to separate Book Titles. Please include the Book Title and the ISBN in your request.
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