Advanced Computing (JSC)

An Advanced Computing Job Skills Certificate allows students to be more efficient in a wide range of careers which include (but not limited to): network technician, programmer, computer support specialist, and help desk specialist. Designed for students who want to hone their advanced information systems skills, this three-course program provides the student with valuable programming, data networking, computer construction, and hardware/software skills needed for a range of positions in careers that require a high degree of information systems skills. Completion of this certificate will provide the student with the skills to succeed in an entry-level position that requires advanced information systems skills.

Program Learning Outcomes: demonstrate knowledge of a broad business and real world perspective of information technology; apply knowledge of data design and data management principles; demonstrate knowledge of basic programming principles; demonstrate the ability to select, implement and evaluate appropriate problem solving techniques and tools; design effective and usable IT-based solutions and integrate those components into the user environment; communicate effectively and efficiently with clients, users and peers both verbally and in writing, using appropriate terminology.

Required Core (10 units)

INFS P113 - Structured Programming 3 units

INFS P110 - Information and Communication Technology Essentials 4 units

INFS P220 - Data Communications and Networking 3 units

Effective Summer 2017

Kern Community College District