Porterville College


Advanced English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Certificate of Competency in Advanced English as a Second Language is designed to give students the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills necessary for advanced workplace communication and to transition to credit programs at Porterville College.

Program Learning Outcomes: evaluate academic and literary texts; compose essays that cite outside sources and which have a clear thesis statement, introduction, body and conclusion; revise writing to eliminate errors in syntax and grammatical constructions; identify main ideas and supporting details in multi-paragraph reading passages at the advanced level; apply knowledge of English pronunciation rules at the advanced level; listen to a passage and identify the main ideas and supporting details at the advanced level; and use grammar structures at the advanced level.


EL2 P095 - Advanced Reading and Writing 90 hours

EL2 P096 - Advanced Listening and Speaking 90 hours

Effective Fall 2017