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Business Information Systems (AS)

Associate in Science

Program Length: 60 units

The Business Information Systems Associate of Science will prepare students in a wide range of information systems skills such as office application software, systems analysis and design, programming, data communication and networking, accounting, and business communications. These skills will prepare a student to enter into or advance within career patterns of the business information systems industry. The goal for the Business Information Systems Associate of Science is to provide an opportunity for students to complete an intensive, hands-on program preparing them for employment in the business information systems field.

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What Students Are Saying

"The instructors apply everything they teach us to the real world and show us how it’s going to be useful in our careers. Because of where the business world is now and where it’s going, it’s so good to have that knowledge and be set up for success.”
-Diana Lopez-Cruz


Meet One of Your Instructors

“The Information Systems programs at Porterville College are designed to prepare students for a job market that is based on technology like never before. Our graduates are prepared to earn high wages and help organizations become more efficient, profitable, and effective. We offer three distinct degrees as well as two certificates that are sure to meet the needs of most students who are seeking a rewarding career in an IT-related field.”
-Jim Carson