Porterville College


Child Development (AA)

Program Learning Outcomes: Supporting Early Learning and Development; planning and guiding early learning and development; creating and maintaining program policies and practices; advancing the early childhood profession.

Required Core: (18 units)

CHDV P117 - Teaching in a Diverse Society 3 units

CHDV P119 - Health, Safety and Nutrition 3 units

CHDV P122 - Child, Family and Community 3 units

CHDV P143 - Practicum/Field Experience 3 units

CHDV P144 - Introduction to Curriculum 3 units

CHDV P223 - Child Growth and Development  3 units

General Education: In addition to completing the major requirements, students must also complete one general education pattern:

  1. PC General Education Pattern
  2. IGETC Pattern
  3. CSU General Education Pattern Electives as needed to complete the 60 minimum units to complete the degree.