Porterville College


Child Development Associate Teacher (CA)

Program Learning Outcomes: Supporting Early Learning and Development; planning and guiding early learning and development; creating and maintaining program policies and practices; advancing the early childhood profession. Twelve (12) units required in core courses. Six additional units required in child development support courses. Eighteen (18) total units required.

Experience: Associate Teacher Child Development Permit or Preschool Teacher as required for employment in private centers by the State Department of Social Services **DSS Title 22.

DSS1 Child, Growth and Development (3 units)

CHDV P223 - Child Growth and Development 3 units

PSYC P223 - Child Psychology 3 units

DSS2 Child, Family and Community (3 units) 

CHDV P122* - Child, Family and Community 3 units

DSS3 Program and Curriculum (6 units)

CHDV P144 - Introduction to Curriculum (DSS5) 3 units

CHDV P143* - Practicum/Field Experience 3 units

Support Courses (select 6 additional units)

CHDV P117 - Teaching in a Diverse Society 3 units

CHDV P119 - Health, Safety and Nutrition (DSS7) 3 units

Experience: 3 units. Three hours per day for a minimum 50 days within a two-year period.

State Department of Social Services (DSS) requires coursework to be identified by DSS numbers.

DSS1 - Three units in Child, Growth and Development

DSS2 - Three units in Child, Family and Community

DSS3 - Six units in Program and Curriculum

For the Child Development Associate Teacher Permit, the student must apply through the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. You can receive evaluation assistance on your permit application to make sure the application is complete at Tulare County Office of Education in Visalia, and they will also submit the application to the State Commission on Teacher Credentialing. For information on California’s requirements, call the Commission on Teacher Credentialing at (888) 921-2682 or visit their website.