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EMT Basic (JSC)

The certificate is required by the State of California EMS Agency through the Central California EMS Agency (or other certifying agency) for certification of Emergency Medical Technician Basic. The content of the course meets the objectives contained in the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) National EMS Education Standards. The student must meet Health Careers Division health requirements and criminal history background clearance to participate in the laboratory section of the course. Any expenses involved in meeting the health requirements and background clearance are the student’s expense. To be eligible for State of CA certification, an individual shall have a valid EMT course completion record, be 18 years of age, complete the criminal history background check requirement, and pass the National Registry EMT certification examination.

Program Learning Outcomes: Describe and demonstrate the proper patient assessment procedure for medical emergencies, trauma emergencies, airway management, breathing, and circulation interventions; describe and explain the basic anatomy, physiology, and patho-physiology of common diseases in the pre-hospital setting; describe the role and identify the responsibilities of the EMT-Basic.

Students may earn this certificate by completing the required course with a minimum grade of “B”.

Required Courses

EMTC P050 - Emergency Medical Technician-Basic 8.5 units

Effective Summer 2014