Porterville College


Entrepreneurship (CA)

Students receive a comprehensive academic experience in entrepreneurship that starts with the classroom and links to the community. It integrates core business concepts around the formation, start-up, and growth of an entrepreneurial firm. The certificate prepares students to conceive, develop and launch new ventures and to turn innovative ideas into products that can be brought to market. Emphasis is placed on the financial, legal, and marketing aspects of start-up businesses. Completion of this certificate will provide the student with the entrepreneurial skills that are required to succeed in the small business area.

Program Learning Outcomes: Analyze business, economic, and financial principles and explain their application in an entrepreneurial setting; apply written and verbal communication skills in an entrepreneurial business relationship, a teamwork setting and entrepreneurial leadership position; apply the importance of ethical behavior in the entrepreneurial business environment; Demonstrate technological competency by using technology effectively in the entrepreneurial business environment.

The certificate program requires 17 units for completion; all are required units

BSAD P160 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3 units

BSAD P165 - Entrepreneurial Finance 3 units

MKTG P124 - Principles of Marketing 3 units

BSAD P161 - Entrepreneur Business Management 3 units

BSAD P162 - Entrepreneurial Mentor / Internship 2 units

BSAD P140 - Business Law  3 units

Effective Fall 2013