Porterville College


Entrepreneurship (JSC)

The Entrepreneurship Job Skills Certificate program integrates core business concepts impacting the formation, start-up, and growth of an entrepreneurial firm. By completing a select group of entrepreneurship courses, the students learn how to launch their own business idea.

Program Learning Outcomes: Analyze financial principles and explain their application in an entrepreneurial setting; apply the importance of ethical behavior in the entrepreneurial business environment; apply written and verbal communication skills in an entrepreneurial business relationship, a teamwork setting and entrepreneurial leadership position.

Completion of 11 units is required to earn this skills award. Students may earn this certificate by completing the required courses with a minimum grade of “C”.

Required Courses

BSAD P160- Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3 units

BSAD P161 - Entrepreneur Business Management 3 units

BSAD P162 - Entrepreneur Mentor/Internship 2 units

BSAD P165 - Entrepreneurial Finance 3 units

Effective Summer 2016