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Industrial Maintenance (CA)

The Industrial Maintenance Certificate Program will prepare students in electrical control systems, residential and commercial wiring, electrical motor control, hydraulics, pneumatics, piping systems, welding, and programmable logic controllers (PLC) to enter into the industrial maintenance workforce. The goal for the Industrial Maintenance Certificate program is to provide an opportunity for students to complete a short term, intensive, hands-on program preparing them for employment in the Industrial Maintenance field.

Program Learning Outcomes: Identify the terms used in industry in the subject areas of pneumatic, mechanical, welding and electrical control; identify the principles of electrical theory, electrical motor theory, timer controls, industrial sensors, DC motor drives and AC variable frequency drives, and conveyor systems; demonstrate manufacturing processes in the following areas: mechanical devices, refrigeration, air conditioning, pumps, and piping systems; demonstrate the fundamentals of industrial fluid power which includes pneumatics and hydraulics, and electrical theory; identify the functions and a minimum of three methods of entering a PLC program; identify teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution skills and first aid.

The certificate program requires 16.5 units for completion; all are required units.

INDT P050 - Industrial Maintenance I 5 units

INDT P051 - Industrial Maintenance II 4.5 units

INDT P052 - PLC Basics 2 units

WELD P116 - Arc and Gas Welding 3 units

OFFT P030 - Human Relations in Business  2 units

Effective Fall 2013

Cost of Program