Porterville College


Industrial Technology (JSC)

Industrial Maintenance Skills Award prepares individuals for a job as a building or a production line maintenance technician. Completion of nine and half (9.5) units required to receive this skills award.

Program Learning Outcomes: Identify the terms used in industry in the subject areas of pneumatic, mechanical, welding and electrical control; identify the principles of electrical theory, electrical motor theory, timer controls, industrial sensors, DC motor drives and AC variable frequency drives, and conveyor systems; demonstrate manufacturing processes in the following areas: mechanical devices, refrigeration, air conditioning, pumps, and piping systems; demonstrate the fundamentals of industrial fluid power which includes pneumatics and hydraulics, and electrical theory; identify the functions and a minimum of three methods of entering a PLC program.

Students may earn this certificate by completing the required courses with a minimum grade of “C”.

Required Courses

INDT P050 - Industrial Maintenance I 5 units

INDT P051 - Industrial Maintenance II 4.5 units

Effective Summer 2014