Porterville College

Commercial Art

Studio Art (AA-T)

Associate in Arts for Transfer

Program Length: 60 units

This Associate in Arts in Studio Art for Transfer degree is designed to prepare students for transfer to a four-year university to continue their studies toward earning a B.A. in Art or Studio Art. The students who achieve this Studio Art AA-T degree will have the skills necessary to create many kinds of 2-D and 3-D art projects. They will be trained to use visual media to generate ideas, solve visual problems, and enhance perception and to think and respond critically to visual information in their lives. They will be able to identify and describe the historical and cultural contexts of works of art in order to evaluate the relationship between works of art and their time and culture. They will also be able to assess the role of the visual arts in contemporary culture as a vehicle of human expression in order to evaluate and value that creative impulse in their own lives.

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What Students Are Saying

"I chose the art program because I love to design and create things. The art major allows me to be creative and to pursue other opportunities in the field. ”
-Louis Valle


Meet One of Your Instructors

"The visual arts train creativity, enhance perception, and enable us to think and respond critically to all the visual information that surrounds us everyday. The Art Program at Porterville College prepares students for transfer to 4-year colleges and prepares students to work in graphic design, illustration, and other applied and fine art careers. Through the making and creating in our studio courses and engagement with the history of art in our art history courses, students learn all aspects of commercial and studio arts."
-Jim Entz