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Wildland Firefighter (JSC)

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Wildland Firefighter Skills Award successful completion will result in the student meeting the “Basic 32” training requirements of the Federal fire agencies and issuance of the appropriate related certificates. Graduates of this Academy will meet the minimum wildland fire training requirements typically necessary to apply for seasonal wildland fire control positions with most State and Federal fire agencies in California.

Program Learning Outcomes: Identify basic fire service organization and command and control systems; identify basic elements of wildland fire behavior; identify basic wildland fire control terminology, principles and procedures; demonstrate ability to perform essential basic fire ground tasks with minimal supervision; demonstrate ability to use, inspect and maintain basic wildland fire fighting tools/equipment; identify basic fire line safety principles and procedures.

Completion of six and one half (6.5) units required to receive the skills award. Students may earn this certificate by completing the required course with a minimum grade of “B”.

Required Courses

FIRE P051 - Interagency Basic Wildland Firefighter Academy 6.5 units