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Healthy Return to Campus

At Porterville College, the safety of our students, classified professionals, faculty, and community are our first priority.

All visitors to campus are required to fill out a self-assessment questionnaire each day you are on campus. This can be done through the KCCD App or via the web site (see details below). We ask that you complete this questionnaire prior to visiting the campus if possible.

When you come to campus, you will need to scan QR codes in every area you visit with the KCCD app to check-in and out of your classes and work areas.

Below is detailed information about our Healthy Return to Campus protocols.

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As I return to Porterville College, I understand I have a role in the fight against COVID-19. I commit to responsible actions and to being an accountable member of both PC and the Porterville community.

I pledge to uphold this ideal every day by:

  • Following public health guidelines in place to help protect myself and others.
  • Protecting myself and others in high-traffic areas of campus or situations where physical distancing isn’t possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Keeping my hands clean and sanitized while on campus, in my community, and at home.
  • Adhering to capacity limits in social situations to prevent high-spread scenarios.
  • Modifying my actions and encouraging others to do the same as guidelines and recommendations adapt over time.
  • Providing accurate and honest information during all screening and contract tracing activities.

By taking the pledge to keep Porterville College in good health, I accept responsibility for myself and my actions and will do my best to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For instructions on downloading the KCCD Mobile App Daily Health Check and Contact Tracing and other helpful information, click on this image:


If you do not have a smart phone, use this Web Form for self-screening.

A Healthy Return to Campus FAQs

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Yes, the majority of our classes will be held in-person this Fall semester, we will also be offering classes and programs either fully or partially on-line for those who choose to attend that way. Please check the schedule of classes carefully to see if your classes are online or on-site. If in doubt, check with the class instructor or a Counselor.

Download the KCCD Mobile App. Visit the Healthy Return to Campus app instructions for step-by-step information on the screening app.

All Student Services are available on campus during our regular office hours. 

You need to do a self-screening each day. You will receive a green campus pass if you are approved to come to campus. Each campus pass is good for 24hours and will reset each day.

If you do not have access to a thermometer at home, you can use one of the touchless thermometer devices located on campus. Pres the Campus Map tile in the app for a map of these locations on campus. NOTE: Please be aware that if you receive a RED pass after checking your temperature on campus, you must return home and contact your instructor.

If you are cleared, you will receive confirmation and are able to go to class. Just remember to wear your face mask, watch your distance, and wash your hands.

A “Red” pass means do not go to campus. Please notify your instructor or supervisor and call your primary health care provider. Students may also contact PC Timely Care for further care.

Contact your instructor for class-specific information or visit your college alert pages on the PC web site.

If you test positive for COVID-19, you can self-report to the Kern Community College District by emailing covid19@portervillecollege.edu

The KCCD App is available from the App store of the Google Play store at the following links:

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/apple-store/id1547484922

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.readyeducation.kerncc

Yes. Turn on your automatic update feature on your phone so you don’t miss any updates.

You can screen and receive a campus pass using the online webform, located on the PC Website.

If any student or employee tests positive for COVID they are required to notify the District at covid19@portervillecollege.edu . Employees must also notify their Supervisor or HR of a positive test or RED Pass.

No, you can request a free parking permit on our PortervilleCollege.edu home page.

YES. Face masks are required everywhere on campus.

PC Map - Daily Health Check Locations

Student Health

Visit TimelyCare.com/pc for details.