Porterville College

Integrated Plan

Integrated Plan: Student Success and Support Program (SSSP), Student Equity (SE), and the Basic Skill Initiative

The California Community College Chancellor’s Office has introduced a new planning model to coordinate the integration of program goals, activities and student success initiatives.   The new plan was created using existing data, previous plans, statewide data and data collected at the college level.

This new plan is centered on five goals which include:

  1. Collaboration with community partners for increase access opportunities for students to the college. 
  2. Increasing the number of students who transfer to a four-year university
  3. Increasing the number of students who make progress from non-credit to college-level courses who ultimately complete a degree or program.
  4. Increase course completion and degree completion
  5. Decrease the amount of time of transition from basic skills to college level English and Math.

Every student should have an educational goal, a reason for going to college. Student Success is the process that allows the college and the student to form a partnership to assist the student in achieving their educational goal. The college asks students to commit to an educational objective and the college commits to fostering student success. To ensure the success of the partnership:

The college agrees to provide:

  • An admission process
  • An Assessment of basic educational skills and career goals
  • Counseling/advising for the development of Individual education plan (SEP)
  • Quality Instruction
  • A wide variety of courses
  • Referral to support services as necessary
  • Follow up on student academic progress

Students are expected to:

  • Complete the online orientation (or in person session)
  • Complete assessment
  • Declare a specific educational objective or career pathway after completing 15 units of course work
  • Attend classes regularly, complete assigned course work and seek out counseling services as necessary
  • Complete courses and maintain progress toward an educational goal as identified in the individual student education plan
  • Seek out support services as needed

The purpose of Student Equity is to close the achievement gap in each of the five success markers for groups identified as disproportionally impacted.  The 5 success markers are:

  • Student access to the college
  • Course completion
  • Degree completion
  • Completion of foundation (Basic Skills) courses, specifically in English, Mathematics, and English as a Second Language

Data provided by the KCCD Office of Institutional Research revealed that specific groups are not achieving in some areas.  Intervention strategies and support to achieve equitable outcomes are needed for these student populations.   The Success and Equity Committee identified areas where the identified groups fall behind and established goals and activities for Porterville College to close achievement gaps. 

Upon reviewing the student equity data, the following student populations were identified as being disproportionately impacted:

  • American Indians or Alaskan Natives
  • Asian or Pacific Islanders
  • African Americans
  • Hispanics
  • Whites
  • Men
  • Foster Youth
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Veterans

The goal of Student Equity is to support an environment of inclusion and opportunity for success.  It commands the collaborative effort from all departments on campus to identify and implement strategies, goals, and resources to assist students achieve their academic goals. 

The Basic Skills Initiative is an effort to bring about the ability to address basic skills and ESL needs through information on effective practices and professional development.  At Porterville College the college has taken the following steps to institutionalize progress in basic skills and ESL:

  1. Acceleration in English – The English program has increased the number of accelerated sections.  Since 2016 English faculty have attended the California Acceleration Project (CAP) Trainings.  This has led to the development of an internal training program for faculty.
  2. Acceleration in Math- Porterville College has implemented a Math basic skills course. 
  3. ESL – Porterville College has moved to re-design the path it takes for students to achieve college level English.  The new design allows the sequence of course to align in parallel rather than preceding format to basic skills English courses. 
  4. Assessment – Porterville College offers students the opportunity to challenge their writing assessment through a challenge essay.
  5. Supplemental Instruction – The College has taken the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program, adjusted it and developed the Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program.  Student who are interested in becoming PASS leaders undergo a selection process and training by instructional faculty.  PASS leaders focus on facilitating study sessions that are student centered, informal, and welcoming to all students in a course.  Sessions normally cover material in class and also other areas that help students develop study, and time-management skills. 
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