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Elevator Pitch Competition

This year Porterville College is holding an Elevator Pitch Competition on April 24th in the Theater from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

An elevator pitch is very similar to the different business pitches seen in the popular tv show “Shark Tank”. This trademark name was created from individuals pitching ideas to large company executives (who did not have time to meet or would not meet with them) in elevators, hence the name “Elevator Pitch”.

Students wanting to participate must complete the application form here:

Entry Form 

Applications will need to include:

  • A one page executive summary of their project/idea. (PDF/Document file type accepted, no larger than 100MB)
  • A 5-8 minute video presentation. (Video or Google Presentation file type accepted, no larger than 1GB)
    ***These two submissions must be made with a Gmail account through the above link when submitting the application

All submissions and applications must be submitted together through the above link and will be due no later than April 1st by 5:30pm.

There are three different rounds to this competition. Each is listed below with their description.

  1. Round 1: Consists of the submission process, which will end on April 1st at 5:30pm. Students being invited to participate in the Elevator Pitch Competition on April 24th will be informed by Friday, April 13th by 5:30pm via email.
  2. Round 2: Is the starting round on April 24th, where the invited 10 students/teams compete for the top two spots.
  3. Round 3: Is the final round on April 24th, where the top two teams compete for the first and second place awards.
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