Porterville College



Porterville College students come from various backgrounds with varying interests and majors seeking part-time or full-time work experience. We also have services to help you recruit Porterville College alumni who are looking to start their careers.

Post Your Job Opportunities on Jobspeaker

Sign up with Jobspeaker to post your employment opportunities. Questions? Contact the JEC Center.





On-Campus Recruitment 

Employers interested in direct on-campus recruitment of Porterville College students must submit a request. The JEC Center requires a 3-week notice for any campus visits. After receiving your request a JEC Center staff member will contact you.


Internship Opportunities

Benefits of Internships for Employers

Internships offer employers the opportunity to provide work-based learning experience for students in the community.

Employers gain the following benefits from an internship:

  • Increased opportunity to recruit future employees
  • The opportunity to evaluate prospective employees risk-free
  • Save the organization money
  • Frees up professional staff to pursue more creative projects
  • Offers a year-round source of highly motivated pre-professionals
  • Brings new and innovative ideas to organizations
  • An excellent source of new, energetic, and skilled employees that bring the latest knowledge fresh from classroom lectures and other campus resources
  • The opportunity to seamlessly convey student interns to full-time employees who are proven to be immediately productive
  • Strengthen the bond with Porterville College and project a favorable image within the community
  • An opportunity for the organization to impact on mentoring and molding the lives of students in the community

For direct assistance with internship opportunities please contact the JEC Center or submit a request.