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Jobs and Internships


Jobspeaker is the free online job searching platform for Porterville College. Whether you're a full or part-time student ready to enter the workforce, alumni looking to start your career, even community members can visit College Central Network to connect with potential employers today. 




Benefits of Internships for Students 

Internships offer students the chance to learn by doing in a work-place environment with the opportunity to gain work experience and build their resume. Internships provide you with an opportunity to network and meet mentors.

  • Students gain the following benefits from an Internship: 
  • The opportunity to evaluate specific companies or specific careers prior to committing to full-time employment
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Leadership and Skills Development 
  • Networking, Establishing Mentors, and References 
  • Resume Enhancement 
  • Gain exposure to real-world problems and issues that perhaps are not found in textbooks
  • Increased marketability to employers
  • Ease in the transition from being a student to entering the workforce
  • Increased opportunities within a company for faster advancement and growth
  • Increased self-confidence in the workplace while developing an expanded network of associates and professionals

To learn more about available internship opportunities visit the JEC Center.