Porterville College


Music (CA)

The Certificate of Achievement in Music is designed for students wishing to gain the necessary skills and expertise to work in the field of music. Completion of a Certificate in Music expands career opportunities including (but not limited to) private teacher/instructor, solo and/or ensemble performer, accompanist, composer, arranger, publisher, and music administrator.

Upon completion of this certificate students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate fluency in the written and performance language of music.
  2. Identify and explain the similarities and differences among various musical styles, composers, and forms.
  3. Demonstrate facility at the keyboard (piano), voice, or musical instrument.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of literature through rehearsal and public performance.

Required Courses (16 units)

Required Core Courses: 4 units Units

MUSC P101 Music Theory and Musicianship I (4)

List A: 6 units Units

Select a minimum of six units from the following:

MUSC P109 History of Rock and Roll (3)

MUSC P110 Exploring the World through Music (3)

MUSC P111 Music Appreciation: Music Through 1800 (3)

MUSC P112 Music Appreciation: 1800 to present (3)

List B: 2 units Units

Select a minimum of two units from the following:

MUSC P108 Applied Lessons* (1)

MUSC P143A Beginning Class Piano (2)

MUSC P143B Intermediate Class Piano (2)

MUSC P143C Advanced Class Piano (2)

List C: 4 units Units

Select a minimum of four units from the following:

MUSC P117 College Choir* (1)

MUSC P127 Concert Band* (1)

MUSC P130 College Orchestra* (1)

Total Units: 16 units

*Note: MUSC P108, P117, P127 & P130 are 1 unit per semester and are repeated 3 times to earn 4 units