Porterville College


Music (CA)

The Music Certificate of Achievement represents completion of a breadth of courses that represent music theory, history, appreciation, performance, and keyboard studies. The certificate (along with an appropriate audition and/or interview) can indicate readiness for matriculation into a conservatory or university music major program, entry-level positions in the music and/or entertainment industry, work as a music accompanist, copyist, studio musician or analyst.

Program Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate fluency in the written and performance language of music; identify and explain the similarities and differences among various musical styles, composers, and forms; demonstrate facility at the keyboard (piano); demonstrate knowledge of literature through rehearsal and public performance.

Required Courses (15 units)

MUSC P100 - Fundamentals of Music Theory 3 units

MUSC P111 - Music Appreciation: Music Through 1800 3 units

MUSC P112 - Music Appreciation: 1800 to present 3 units

MUSC P143C - Advanced Class Piano 2 units


MUSC P117 - College Chorale 4 units* OR MUSC P127 - Concert Band 4 units* 

*Note: MUSC P117 & P127 are 1 unit per semester and are repeated 3 times to earn 4 units.

Music (CA) pending Title IV aid.

Effective Fall 2016