Porterville College


Music (AS-T)

The Associate in Arts in Music for Transfer degree at Porterville College will prepare and assist students in seamlessly transferring to the California State University system to pursue a baccalaureate degree in music. Students completing the Porterville College Associate in Arts in Music for Transfer will have earned a degree that follows the Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) and will be qualified for transfer into any California State University campus accepting the state-approved Associate in Arts in Music for Transfer (ADT) for that purpose.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic structure of music through music theory.
  2. Develop basic technical proficiency and demonstrate artistic growth in musical performance on a given instrument and/or voice in both solo and ensemble context.
  3. Demonstrate fluency in audiation such as sight singing, rhythmic execution and harmonic, melodic and rhythmic dictation.

Required Core:Theory and Musicianship (12 units)

MUSC P101 Music Theory and Musicianship I (4 units)

MUSC P102 Music Theory and Musicianship II (4 units)

MUSC P103 Music Theory and Musicianship II (4 units)

Total:12 units

Required Core: Applied Lessons (4 units total. Course repeatable up to three times)

MUSC P108 Applied Music (1 unit)

Total 4 units

Required Core: Ensemble (4 units total. Courses repeatable up to three times)

MUSC P117 College Choir (1 unit)

MUSC P127 Concert Band (1 unit)

MUSC P130 College Orchestra (1 unit)

Total 4 units

List A (Select 3-4 units from the following list)

MUSC P111 Music Appreciation: Music through 1800 (3 units)

MUSC P112 Music Appreciation: 1800 to present (3 units)

MUSC P143A Beginning Class Piano (2 units)

MUSC P143B Intermediate Class Piano (2 units)

MUSC P143C Advance Class Piano (2 units)

Total 3-4 units

Overall Total 23-24 units