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April 11 C.H.A.P. talk takes closer look at families


The public is invited on April 11 from 7 to 8 p.m., to the PC Theater for the CHAP's 'Distinguished Speaker in Anthropology', Dr. Jan English-Lueck, Associate Dean of the College of Social Sciences & Professor of Anthropology, San Jose State University. Dr. English-Lueck will be giving a presentation on: “Fast Forward Families: An Anthropology for the 21st Century.” 

Anthropologists have long been fascinated with the variety of configurations people call “a family.” In the late 20th century, scholars and journalists alike thought the family was on its way out. However, the family, while not looking like the stereotype of the past, remains at the heart of human social life. Based on fieldwork in along the West Coast from San Jose to Seattle, and work in the People’s Republic of China, Dr. English-Lueck will talk about how families have changed and why they remain so important to society and so interesting to scholars. 

Dr. Jan English-Lueck is a Professor of Anthropology at San Jose State University and a Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for the Future. In 2004, she was selected as an Outstanding Professor at San Jose State University. Dr. English-Lueck was trained in Anthropology at CSU Fresno, and then earned a doctorate from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has written books on alternative health practitioners, “Health in the New Age: a Study in California Holistic Practices” (1990) and “Chinese scientists, Chinese Intellectuals on the World Frontier” (1997). Since 1992, she has worked with Professor Chuck Darrah at San Jose State to develop the Silicon Valley Cultures Project, conducting research on the region’s distinctive culture. From this research emerged the books, “Cultures@siliconvalley” (2002), winner of the 2006 Diana Forsythe Prize, and “Busier than Ever! Why American Families Can’t Slow Down,” (with Darrah and Professor Emeritus James Freeman) and her latest book, “Being and Well-being: Health and the Working Bodies of Silicon Valley” (2010). 

Selected titles from her writings are now available for purchase in the PC bookstore. The event is open to the public and free to attend. Parking permits will not be required for the event. A Campus of Kern Community College District 

The Porterville College Cultural and Historical Awareness Program (CHAP) was organized in 2002 to enhance students' awareness of certain important aspects of our society to which they may previously have had little or no exposure. A theme is chosen by CHAP members each school year, and faculty members across the campus are encouraged to integrate elements of that theme into their coursework. Additionally, a variety of field trips, guest speakers, panel discussions and videos are presented throughout the year and are all open to the public. 

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