Porterville College

PC Offering Late Start Classes

Porterville College is offering several late start classes for both new and returning students. Late start classes offer a semester’s worth of units in half the time.

Late start options include such classes as: Intro to Windows Spreadsheet/Excel, Intro to English for Second Language Learners, Principles of Marketing, Intro to Database/Access, Principles of Economics/Microeconomics (online) and more. Classes start in February or March. For a full list of late start classes visit www.portervillecollege.edu.

PC also offers community education, online, weekend classes, as well as summer school. Even if you work full time and have a family, Porterville College can help you accomplish your educational goals. PC offers childcare, financial aid and assistance, scholarships, student work programs and evening classes.

To apply visit www.portervillecollege.edu and click on the “Future Student” tab. Applications are available online.

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